9/1/2015 :: First meeting of the year!

Hello everybody!

Welcome back to school. This is just a brief announcement that tomorrow (9/1) will be our first meeting of the school year! To get us started, we’re going to be watching Owai no Seraph: an anime, quite literally, about orphans trying to save themselves from vampires. Don’t laugh just yet, it has gorgeous animation, a beautiful soundtrack, and one heck of a plot. We hope that you’ll join us at P22 (Tevlin’s room) during lunch to watch an episode!

Also some changes: this year, MSJ Anime is working to get members more involved in our club. Be sure to become an active member in case you’d like to become an officer for our club in the 2016-2017 school year!

We’re also going to be changing from frequent contests to simple raffles! We will request that members get involved in participation to earn a raffle ticket. Every month or so we will raffle off some small prizes (often times a small goody bag) to our winners. Members must come to the club on the day of the drawing for your ticket to become valid! We are doing this so that there is NO art talent required as we understand that some people are not too fond of drawing and so that everybody can have fun!
Though, we may hold bigger contests around once or twice a year with bigger prizes (those WILL involve more effort needed into entries). So keep tuned in!

Lastly, we will be planning more trips to San Francisco! We encourage everybody to take a break from the busy AP and SAT life and just get out, come on out as we go to Japantown with our sister-club, MSJ Japan!

Thank you!


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