Posted below are the judging parameters for 2014-2015 Mission Anime contests. Actual contests/deadlines will be announced during meetings, through emails, on the Facebook page, and put on the calendar. Links to entries will also be posted here, depending on creator’s discretion.

Plagiarism/work stolen/copied/traced from others will not be accepted in any of the contests below. And we will know–

T-Shirt Design Contest

I. Design ONLY the front for a Mission Anime club T-shirt.

II. Contest will be decided by member vote.

III. After the final decision, shirts will be ordered for Mission Anime club members, who will each pay for their own share in the cost.

IV. The prize will be a free club T-shirt to first place.

Art Contests

I. We have three C’s when judging art contests: composition, creativity, and cohesion. Interpret those qualities as you will.

II. Coloring does not make a difference; there are plenty of black-and-white art pieces with excellent style and quality.

III. Media also does not matter–your art can be traditional (hand-drawn) or digital (drawn with tablet/colored on the computer).

IV. Email your entries or hand them to a Mission Anime officer by 11:59 PM on the deadline date. You are allowed to simply email a link (for example, to a deviantart page or otherwise).

AMV Contest

I. Here, we’re looking for creativity, accuracy with cutting clips / setting them to the music, and originality.

II. Email your entries by 11:59 PM on the deadline date. You are allowed to simply email a link (for example, to a Youtube video).

Closet Cosplay Contest

I. All clothing utilized in the closet cosplay contest will be from–as is probably obvious–your closet. The point of the contest is to see how close a cosplay participants can make simply by utilizing the clothes they already have, without spending ginormous amounts of $$.

II. Judging will be based on characterization–but any cosplayers obviously wearing clothes specially tailored to the character will not be judged.

II. Details on entry submission coming soon.

Cosplay Contest

I. Judging will be based on characterization.

II. Details on entry submission coming soon.

Dance Contest

I. Judging will be based on dance accuracy, energy, and flow.

II. Details on entry submission coming soon.

Fanfiction Contest

I. Our four C’s when judging fanfiction contests: characterization, creativity, completion and cohesion.

II. Email your entries by 11:59 PM on the deadline date. You are allowed to simply email a link (for example, to a story on

III. Prompts for the contest will be announced with the contest.

OC Contest

I. The contest will consist of designing/drawing an original character, and writing a short scene inclusive of your OC.

II. Judging will be based on intricacy and originality of design. (Read: Stay away from Mary Sues and Gary Stus, or suffer a painful death.)

III. Email your entries or hand them to a Mission Anime officer by 11:59 PM on the deadline date. You are allowed to simply email a link (for example, to a deviantart page or otherwise).


[Note: details (number of prizes, prizes themselves, etc.) may differ depending on contest and/or number of entries.]

First prize: price cap. Monetary amount will change based on contest and/or number of entries.

Second prize: first choice of 1 (or more) item(s) from a previously-made selection of anime merchandise.

Third prize: second choice of 1 (or more) item(s) from a previously-made selection of anime merchandise.

Questions? Comments?

Email us at or comment below.


29 responses to “Contests

  1. I has a question even though this probably won’t happen. For a Cosplay contest, what would you do if your Mom/Dad knows how to tailor clothing? Cause thats what my mom did for me this halloween :]
    PS if you ever ask your parents to do something like this, BRIBE THEM or beg for a week your choice

    • I’m not sure what your question is. If they know how to tailor clothing, that’s great for you, you’re a lucky person…? We don’t care how you get your clothes for the Cosplay contest; some people purchase them, and many of our cosplayers sew their own.

    • We’ll announce more information when the contest is near. But as for what I know, the Contest Contest is limited to closet cosplay for fairness.

    • Most likely it will be by yourself. You could take group pictures, but we will probably be judging one person, not as the whole group. Details are still pending. The contest will most likely be sometime near Fanime (Memorial Weekend). Look forward to it!

      Tachibana Meri VP

      • Juston, that’s not me, that’s Vice President Meri.

        Nice housecleaning on the website by the way, Meri-chan. XD

      • Actually, I was referring to how it took Meri to reply to that 3 month old message, meaning that I would blame you for making someone else do you job (i think >.>)

  2. Ive made okay movies with movie maker, you just gotta download tons of codecs.

    Recently I’ve switched to Powerdirector cuz it came free with this entertainment laptop, but it freezes ever so often. Like every 5 minutes. And its rather difficult to use, BUT it has many features and supports like every type of video file so you get your good and your bad =]

    Gonna try vegas next.

    P.S. I submitted via email to mission anime

  3. Can we suggest other contests, cuz i was thinking of those abridged series like videos and an anime music cover contest?

    • We could do that, but only if enough people would participate. A contest is without meaning without contestants.

      President Joshua Wu

  4. I was just wondering how the contest is going to be judged. Do we all get to vote? Are you limited to one submission?

    • As of now, we officers are the judges, and we decide which submission is the best. You can submit as many entries as you want. The winner’s work will be present at our club meetings, along with a prize, depending on the popularity and difficulty of the contest.
      For the art contest, note that we do not hold double standards for digital and traditional art.

      President Joshua Wu

    • I’m so happy that I won!!!
      There only around ten submissions though…
      But, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
      I’m so lame….

    • As mentioned above, we accept both monochrome (one color) and polychrome (multi-colored) art. Especially since it’s our first art contest of the year, we’re pretty lenient.

  5. For the AMV contest, what does it mean by “My World”? >3<

    Oh, I'd like to enter the Art + AMV contest *^* But I'm not too sure if I'll make the deadline. ;_;

    • Eliza, you don’t have to enter both contests (lol).
      You get to interpret the theme however you want to. Anime/Characters that come to mind when you think of “my world”, for example, might be Death Note‘s Yagami Light, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu‘s Suzumiya Haruhi, Code Geass‘s Lelouch vi Brittania, Durarara!!‘s Orihara Izaya, etc.
      Just do the best you can with whatever time you’ve got.

      • Oh okay. Um I’ll just use the clips I have so far(I have Jing: King of Bandits, Naruto, Shaman King, etc)

        If there’s ever another amv contest, is it okay if it’s at least a one month long deadline? Because Amvs take ALOT of time(I would know, I used to make them).

      • AMVs don’t take a month to make…I made one in like a few hours even though I was an amateur at video editing ><

      • they are not that hard to do as long as you have the right video editing software. I suggest Sony Vegas. NEVAR USE WINDOW MOVIE MAKER >.<

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