Note: if you would like a description about your anime-related group/thing on this page, please fill out this form. Thank you! 

Mission San Jose High School has a pretty supportive community for anime-/manga-related activities, which we’ll try to keep you updated on by giving you information about various student groups and other miscellaneous information here.

MSJHS Library


The MSJHS library actually boasts a relatively wide collection of manga. Any manga not found in the library can be requested of Mrs. Hulseman, who is super nice about this kind of thing 🙂

Manga list coming soon.

MSJHS Student Groups

Name: Dream Café
Group type: Dance
Description: Formerly known as Stage Mi, we are a small group of three who love to dance. We specialize in jpop/vocaloid dances from nico nico douga. Dream Café’s current members are Peach (Ceci), Pebble (Crystal), and Prince (Joyce). You’ll almost always find us at lunch with our anime-loving friends just dancing, dancing, dancing!
Contact Information: Group email:; fastest responding email would be Prince’s:
YouTube: (just prince’s:

Name: friskie
Group type: Art
Description: My name is Joyce, but my nickname in real life as well as Internet alias is Friskie. I love to draw anime/manga style, and hopefully I’m improving day by day! (Aside from watercolors,) my drawings generally fall into the tradigital category.
Contact Information: Email:
Art tumblr:
Twitter: @friskiestar09


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